My name is Yanbing Wang (王砚冰 | pronounced: WONG YEN-bing), meaning the inkstone and ice literally. I like to interpret it as having an inquisitive mind and a pristine heart (shout out to my parents for this poetic touch). I was born and raised in the east coast of China. Since coming to the United States in 2014, I almost instantly became a coffee person, but recently transformed to a tea person. I deem it as a big life improvement. Now I have bottomless tea while pursuing my PhD in transporataion cyber physical systems at Vanderbilt University. I'm passionate about the mathematical framework in transportation systems (modeling, estimation and control). I also love to explore how automonous vehicles can shape the traffic stream. In my free time I like to invent exotic chords on piano. Feel free to reach out to me for any research & hobby related discussions!

Latest Posts

We won the prestigous Dwight D Eisenhower graduate fellowship of 2019!

We presented our summer work "Estimating ACC model parameters using on-board radar units" at TRB 2020.

Poster presentation "Automatic data preprocessing via tensor factorization" at NeurIPS 2019 in Vancouver, Canada.

Me presenting my traffic estimation work at ITSC 2019 in Auckland, NZ. The hall was almost full!