Fun Projects

My personal projects


Are you struggled about tracking your spendings for all of your credit cards? Does your online bank accounts usually put your expenses in the wrong category? Having trouble visualizing all of your expenses clearly? No worries! ExpenseTracker can help! Seeing your expenses is the first step towards saving. ExpenseTracker is a Python script to run locally on your machine without sharing your personal data. It gathers your cvs expense reports from all of your financial institutions and automatically makes a comprehensive expense report with interactive visualizations. It also automatically re-categorize your spendings based on the descriptions using Naive Bayes Classifier. Give it a try!


ReciPy is a Python based application that generates recipes based on your preference, such as body building, weight-losing or anti-inflammatory choices. You can download this app so that it helps notify you (1) what and how much food do you need to buy, (2) when you should take the frozen meat out of the freezer, or (3) when do you need to start season your food before cooking it the next day, etc.


Generate music (midi files, and preferably jazz music) using LSTM.


I was classically trained on piano, but over the years I gradually found myself attracted to minimalistic music and modern Jazz. I like music with colorful chords and rich texture. Simple melodies would be a bonus.


  • Sunset | piano
  • Sound Mass | string quartet
  • Hilton Lobby | electronic mix
  • The Rain | woodwind trio
  • Fragments | percussion
  • Jumpy Physics | a good friend raps with a theremin

Covers & improvs

  • Georgia On My Mind | piano
  • I'll Remember April | piano
  • Neo-soul loop 1 | piano
  • Neo-soul loop 2 | piano
  • Come Away With Me | piano


Some sketches, oil paintings and architecture models.